OK, I admit it, I was absolutely enchanted with Palm Beach Dramaworks‘ current production of The Fantasticks, the world’s longest running musical.  But I wasn’t the only one.  All the reviews by critics, including Hap Erstein from the Palm Beach Post, also gave the show high marks in their reviews.  It doesn’t take long to get swept away because the 2nd musical number is “Try to Remember”, the famous ballad sung here by Jim Ballard, who plays the dashing,  roving bandit El Gallo.  In case you’ve never seen the show, The Fantasticks is sort of a Romeo & Juliet in reverse musical comedy.  The show might seem light and easy, but I could imagine that it would be the most boring show in the world if the quality of the musical performance wasn’t superior.  The cast delivered with the utmost creativity and professionalism. Also, Palm Beach Dramaworks’ new theater on Clematis is perfect for this type of production because the audience is so close to the performers, making the impact of a well executed musical performance that much more special. Other musical numbers which stood out to me were “Soon Its Gonna Rain” and “They Were You”, both duets by the boy and girl in the show (Jennifer Molly Bell and Jacob Heimer).  Honestly, I would place this production on the level of any off-Broadway or Broadway production.  Truly a magical performance…and perfect for the Summer.  You must see The Fantasticks at Palm Beach Dramaworks, playing now through August 5th, Wednesday through Saturday at 8:00pm and at 2:00pm on Saturdays & Sundays. Tickets $ 55.   Click here for ticket information.

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